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Have You Suffered Personal Injuries Due To An Accident

If so, you have come to the right place!

As a former insurance company defense attorney for 17 years, I am very familiar with the insurance company’s tactics and strategies.  You can be sure that if an insurance company offered you a settlement that it is a “low ball” offer.  Only an experienced attorney who has handled cases both as a former insurance defense attorney, and as a plaintiff’s attorney, knows the value of your case and can maximize your settlement.  After all, these billion dollar insurance companies didn’t get so rich by giving away money!

Personal Injuries Can Occur In Many Ways

  • Automobile Accidents: Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for injuring thousands of people each year in Colorado. Many of these accidents result in Wrongful Death claims that inure to the benefit of their loved ones.  I have experience in all types of automobile accidents resulting in personal injury – from simple whiplash injuries to brain injuries to wrongful death – and everything in between.  I have experience with car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents.
  • Product Liability Defects: When you are injured by a defective product you can hold the manufacturer, and under certain circumstances, the seller, liable for your injuries. I have experience in various accidents caused by defective products.
  • Property Defects: Many personal injuries occur on private property. Usually either negligence or a property defect is involved.  Often these injuries are serious and a homeowner’s insurance policy can provide coverage to the landowner as well as compensation to the victim.
  • Medical Malpractice: Our office handles medical malpractice cases that result in serious injury or Wrongful Death.  Call our office for a free initial phone consultation to determine if your potential case is viable.
  • Negligent Acts or Breaches of Duty: A negligent act is one where a person or company owes a duty of care to another and breaches that duty resulting in an injury. Negligence claims arise out a multitude of circumstances and often occur on personal property. When a person dies as a result of a personal injury, it becomes a Wrongful Death claim to specific relatives.

The Law Office of William G. Argeros has over 30 years of experience in handling personal injury cases of all kinds. For the last 15+ years Bill has exclusively represented plaintiffs in personal injury cases.  Prior to that Bill was a defense attorney representing defendants and their insurance companies.   This prior experience gave Bill the opportunity to hone his trial skills as he handled hundreds of cases to conclusion over a 17 year span.  He has tried numerous personal injury cases to judgment in both simple and complex jury trials and judge trials.

Bill’s experience as a partner in a defense firm representing major insurers such as State Farm, Allstate, USF&G and Farm Bureau, gave him the knowledge and insight necessary to know the insurance companies tactics which he now uses to the benefit of his plaintiff clients.  From a simple whiplash case to a complex wrongful death case, and everything in between, Bill has seen it all.  Our firm possess the medical knowledge to handle trials involving complicated neck and back surgeries, as well as various forms of medical treatment involving all medical providers from physical therapists and chiropractors to orthopedic doctors and neurosurgeons.

Bill is also a trained mediator which further allows him great insight into settling personal injury cases.  This knowledge of the intricacies of mediation techniques helps the client feel assured that they will obtain the best settlement without fearing that they left something on the negotiating table.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Bill has no fear of going to trial when all settlement opportunities have been exhausted and have not resulted in the favorable outcome the client desired.  In fact, it is precisely because Bill loves trial work that his clients get either the best settlement or the highest awards possible from a judge or jury.