Let’s face facts.  Nobody wants to go to trial.  Full and fair settlements are almost always preferable.  However – and this is really important – many claims are forced to go to trial if the defendants don’t offer a fair settlement or unreasonable deny the claim.

Insurance companies know those attorneys who don’t want to take a case all the way to trial.  They are often called “settlement attorneys” in the insurance company vernacular.  Settlement attorneys almost never get their clients anything close to a full compensation.  Only a seasoned trial attorney knows when to take a case to trial and when not to.  I am a trial attorney.  I will get you the best settlement possible or recommend going to trial.

Often it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit to show the insurance company or the defendants that you mean business.  That does not necessarily mean that your case will end up going to trial.  In fact, over 90% of cases on the average are settled prior to trial. There are many chances for a good settlement even after filing suit.

In nearly every case filed, the Court orders a Mediation.  Unlike Arbitrations which are binding, a Mediations are non-binding.  If you don’t like the offer of settlement at a Mediation, you simply walk away after a good faith attempt at settling your case.  Many cases, however, do settle at Mediation.  I am a trained Mediator. I know how to position your case for the best possible settlement at Mediation.  The opposition also knows that I am a trial attorney and that their best option is to settle at the Mediation or risk going to trial.

If you have an Arbitration clause you really need a trial attorney!  You only have one shot to present your case at an Arbitration.  There is no second chance.  There are no appeals.  Having a seasoned trial attorney is the only way to make sure our case is well presented.